Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing


Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing is an interactive marketing presentation that gives great tips on internet marketing. Basing his internet promotion techniques off these ten golden rules, Jay Berkowitz, CEO of Ten Golden Rules, has launched and promoted successful internet marketing campaigns for small, medium and large businesses. Due to the popularity of this internet marketing presentation, Mr. Berkowitz is in the process of creating an internet marketing strategy ebook, The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing.

Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing

1. There are no 'rules
2. The Internet is not television
3. Create a UVP
4. If you build it they won't just come
5. Subscription Models Survive
6. Remember the 4 P's
7. Trust is Golden
8. Use the right tactic
9. The Best Never Rest
10. Lead the Trends

Here are what some people have to say about the Ten Golden Rules for Online Marketing:

"While at the Direct Marketing Association's recent event in Fort Lauderdale, I elected to attend your enlightening seminar entitled "Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing." Your presentation to the overflow crowd was interesting, educational, and inspiring. Utilizing the material that you provided will enable me to make more intelligent choices when marketing online in the future. Thank you for providing all of us with an outstanding presentation." - Marc Stevenson, Marketing Director of Meridian Marketing Services

"Jay's presentation contained the most relevant data/information, must know/must have strategies in Internet Marketing. I took away a wealth of knowledge for free. Thanks to Jay and people who contributed their ideas through his blog for this insight." - Alison Carroll, Hanes Brands

"Listening to Jay Berkowitz speak at the CEO Roundtable yesterday was a welcome breath of fresh air. Not only was Jay a master of his difficult material to the point that he presented it in a stimulating and easy to follow manner but he even shared well prepared handouts for the listeners and closely navigated the audience through his complex and timely online marketing presentation. Jay took a frequently abused and misunderstood body of knowledge and used clear cut examples of case studies of participants in the audience. I look forward to seeing more of Jay, his seminar series on the Golden Rules of Online Marketing and reading his upcoming book." - Elisabeth Rossen, MBA. PhD Candidate, University of Oslo

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