“Marketers who followed landing page best practices tended to get at least 40% higher conversions than average.” – Marketing Sherpa, Landing Page Handbook

Whether you’re building new landing pages, creating web site banner designs or need to come up with a creative concept, marketing specialists at Ten Golden Rules have the knowledge in creative web development to help your company turn a rough idea into an interactive, creative marketing concept. Using our extensive knowledge in creative concept marketing, website usability and visual design, our small business creative services translate your marketing objectives into high conversion, creative strategies.

The creative development team at Ten Golden Rules helps clients create marketing concepts, landing pages and web site banner designs that meet their marketing objectives. Our South Florida strategic consulting firm will review your current marketing efforts and develop creative marketing concepts that compliment your existing products’ brands. Contact Ten Golden Rules, or call 561-620-9121 to find out how our small business creative services can work for your company.

Elements of Creative Concept Marketing

What goes into building perfect landing pages, the best web site banner designs? When developing a creative marketing concept, Ten Golden Rules draws on the creative skills of our marketing specialists in:

    Information Design - the process through which the information you want to present on your landing page or web site banner design is configured for most effective communication.
    Website Usability – defining and developing the user experience through layout to ensure that your potential clients are directed in the manner that will lead to the highest conversions.
    Visual Design – the look and feel of your landing page or web site banner design, taking in account the audience, function of the marketing concept, required elements and technical limitations.

Our approach to creative development goes beyond just choosing colors and selecting graphics. Ten Golden Rules helps clients build landing pages and web site banner designs that are both functional and attractive, and provides the user with easy access to information.