A decade later, advertisers in the U.S. market spent $9.6 billion on Internet ads, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)…” – DoubleClick’s The Decade in Online Advertising, 1994-2004.

When it comes to internet advertising, there are many ways for companies to advertise their presence on the web. Permission email, keyword-targeted search engine advertising, floating animated page takeovers, interactive rich media ads, streaming audio and video, and consumer-fueled viral marketing are just a few mediums that are leading the internet advertising trends. But with so many choices, which type of internet advertising is best for your company’s marketing objectives?

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Internet Advertising Trends

Internet advertising has come a long way since the first banner ads that emerged in 1994. A 9.6 billion dollar industry, internet advertising trends show online ad spends are increasing in leaps and bounds. While internet advertising has come a long way, it still has a lot of room to grow. Here are some upcoming internet advertising trends:

    Internet advertising is becoming a seller’s market – as more companies rush to join in the internet gold rush, online ad inventory is being bought up, making the cost of internet advertising more expensive.
    Companies are demanding more accountability – gone are the days where you dumped thousands of dollars into banner ads and after several million impressions found your company without any sales. Internet advertising trends are moving towards more accountability, allowing companies to track the effectiveness of internet advertising.
    Consumers are demanding more control – consumers are sick of having advertisers shove their message in front of their faces. From pop-up blockers to TiVo, technology to block media messages are moving traditional and internet advertising trends towards a more consumer-centric model.

What works today in internet advertising may not work tomorrow. As a leading South Florida advertising company, Ten Golden Rules makes sure to keep up with the internet advertising trends to ensure you get the latest, most innovative advertising solutions. Whether you’re starting from scratch or need an internet advertising analysis on your existing ad campaigns, Ten Golden Rules is there to be a your strategic partner on the web.