“60-70% of clicks on the major search properties are made on natural search results.” – iProspect Outsourced SEO Metrics & ROI Study, August 2005

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost effective types of internet marketing. SEO targets the “natural” search results, which are derived from search engine algorithms that are comprise of over 100 variables and rank websites based on their relevance to the search query. With the majority of searchers clicking on natural search results, being in the Top 10 on search engines becomes critical to having a successful internet marketing campaign. Choosing the right search engine optimization for your website can mean the difference between ranking well and receiving tons of “free” website traffic, or being buried in the search results and no one knowing your website exists.

The search engine marketing division at Ten Golden Rules has extensive experience in SEO. Our South Florida search engine marketing firm will give an SEO expert review of your website and your search engine optimization needs. Contact Ten Golden Rules, or call 561-620-9121 for more information on search engine optimization for your website.

Search engine optimization for a website includes the following elements:

    • SEO Expert Review – Search engine optimization strategist will give SEO expert review of your website and SEO needs.
    • Keyword Research - Search engine optimization strategist will research your niche market for the best keyword phrases for your SEO campaign.
    • SEO Copywriting Service – SEO copywriters on staff can create website copy, add more copy or do a complete retooling of the website copy.
    • Website Optimization – Search engine optimization specialist will modify existing text and meta tags to target specific keyword phrases.
    • Link Building - Search engine optimization strategist will review your link popularity and devise a link building strategy.

Ten Golden Rules has other internet marketing services that can compliment your SEO campaign:

• Small Business Creative Services – If you don’t have a website or need a complete redesign to be more search engine friendly, our small business creative services can help you build a website that’s primed for search engine optimization.
• Internet Advertising and Pay Per Click – Used paid search listings to bring in traffic until your search engine optimization for the website starts performing.
• Online Press Release – Get the search engines to index your website faster by using online press releases to put your news in front of customers who are looking for your products and services.