“The transition to e-business depends on successful project management.” – William Smillie, Partner Programme and Project Management Services PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Whether you’re managing product brand development or just planning a strategic product launch, project management is critical to ensuring that your projects are implemented correctly and on time. While projects in themselves are unique, cost control, timeline development, resource procurement and risk management are standards for product development that stay the same.

The project management team at Ten Golden Rules helps clients manage their product brand development and assist with strategic product launches onto the web. Our South Florida strategic consulting firm will review your current product brand development efforts and develop in-house standards for product development that compliments your existing products’ brands. Contact Ten Golden Rules, or call 561-620-9121 to find out how our project management services can work for your company.

Standards for Product Brand Development

Our team of project managers uses a strict group of standards for product development to ensure from start to finish your products properly showcase your company’s brand. Our process for a strategic product launch includes:

    Initiating – reviewing existing product brand development and brainstorming ideas to launch the new product.
    Planning – understanding the scope of the strategic product launch and developing a timeline with costs and resources needed.
    Executing – working side-by-side your company to ensure the project is done on time.
    Controlling – reviewing the risks involved and managing any issues the crop up during the course of the project.
    Closing – finishing up the last minute details to your strategic product launch.

A proven process, our standards for product brand development ensure your projects are completed in the most effective and efficient manner, allowing your senior executives to optimize the use of company’s resources and enable your employees to concentrate on your customers. Ensure fast time-to-market, use Ten Golden Rules’ project management services for your next strategic product launch.