“More than 27 Million People Use Yahoo News and Google News” - The Importance of Search Engine Promotion of Your Press Releases by PRWeb Press Release Newswire

Online press release and distribution are becoming must-haves for small business public relations. With 92% of journalists doing their article research on the web, on-line press releases give small businesses the opportunity to get their story heard. However, just putting up an on-line press release and distribution through on-line newswires doesn’t guarantee that your company’s news will reach these journalists. Just like your website, you have to optimize your on-line press releases.

The public relations division at Ten Golden Rules helps clients get their on-line press releases in front of the journalists that are looking for their stories. Our South Florida internet marketing firm will review your current efforts in public relations and develop a press release and distribution strategy that compliments your existing small business public relations. Contact Ten Golden Rules, or call 561-620-9121 to find out how on-line press releases can work for your company.

Press Release and Distribution Services

Part of getting your on-line press releases into the news engines is understanding, which press release and distribution services to use. Ten Golden Rules has relationships with these on-line press release and distribution services:

PR Web™ distributes on-line press releases for many Fortune 500 companies and is the largest Newswire catering to medium-sized and small business public relations companies, internet marketing firms and private organizations. PR Web™ currently stands as one of the largest overall on-line press release and distribution services anywhere.
Business Wire, a wholly owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, is the global market leader in on-line press release and distribution services. Thousands of member companies and organizations depend on Business Wire to transmit their on-line press releases, regulatory filings, photos and other multimedia content to journalists, financial professionals, investor services, regulatory authorities and the general public worldwide.