Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic: How to Search Engine Optimize Posts for Your Company Blog

By Leah Herman & Margie Schneider

If your company has a blog and isn’t regularly applying expert search engine optimization to blog posts, then chances are you’re missing out on some great opportunities to grab organic traffic from search engines. Here are some tips for increasing blog traffic by optimizing your blog posts for maximum exposure:

  • Select 2 keywords that best fit with the topic of the article. The main keyword should more generally describe the article (i.e. “internet marketing”) and the secondary keyword should get a little more specific (i.e. “internet marketing for retail stores”).
  • Next, the body copy needs to be optimized. Include the main keyword in the first and last paragraph. You will also need to put it in the other body text wherever it makes sense. The secondary keyword can be anywhere in the article wherever it makes sense.
  • Next, write a “title tag”. The title tag displays as the title when the page shows up in a search engine result. So, it needs to be written to attract the click. It should be brief, as only around 70 characters will display in the search result, and it should always include the main keyword.
  • Then, write a “meta description”. This will display as the description when the page shows up in a search result. Therefore, ensure it supports attracting the “click” by writing it in a way that makes your listing sound enticing. Always include the main keyword, but try to use the secondary keyword, too. NOTE: Title tags and meta descriptions do not appear in the blog post itself.
  • Then write a main title, also known as the H1 (in HTML). The title should include at least the main keyword and should function as the title of the blog post.
  • Lastly, if you have the ability to create a “display URL” or “custom URL”, then use the main keyword (or the secondary keyword variation if necessary) separated by hyphens. An example would be /internet-marketing-retail-stores.html. These URLs must be unique from all other URLs on your blog posts, so that is why you may need to use a variation.

If you follow the tips for increasing blog traffic above for each blog post, you should start to see an increase in your organic search traffic for your blog. Happy blogging!

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