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Are You Ranked #6 in Google?


For about the last month or so, there has been talk amongst the SEO community of a supposed Position 6 penalty. Sites that were previously ranking #1 or #2 were now ranking #6 for key terms. Most of the sites were well established doing good white hat seo, but for some seemingly unknown reason, the sites were appearing at #6. Many thought it was too much of a coincidence that so many good sites were at Position 6, and up until today, there was no confirmation, on the Position 6 penalty. Matt Cutts has been able to confirm the Position 6 penalty and that the penalty has been reversed. Rankings should return back to proper position shortly.

Matt also points out that if you feel you were your site might have a penalty (perhaps from past behavior) and you think the site is clean presently, you can do a reconsideration request on the webmaster console to request a reconsideration.