Customer Service Stories

Customer Service Stories

This past weekend I was on break from my MBA class and decided to jump on the Internet and do some research for a few clients. I noticed that I didn’t have a network connection so I started to run diagnostic tests, resets, and rebooted my machine about five times (the first thing everyone says to do). I have a Dell Inspiron that’s only about two years old. I went home and tried to connect and was having the same problem…Nothing worked!!!

I came into the office on Monday and still couldn’t connect to my network. I called Dell who walked me through two hours of testing and retesting, finally the gentleman told me that it had to be my hard drive and he was sending out another one (computer is still under warranty). I asked if it was the network card and he said, “no, it has to be the hard drive, your computer is giving me the results of a system failure and this is what it needs,” so I reluctantly agreed. At that time, I asked, “What could have caused this to happen?” With that he responded, “THE COMPUTER WAS BEING USED TOO MUCH.” I’m sorry, was I supposed to buy the computer to take up shelf space? In the end, about three days later, it was the network card that need to be replaced.

Do customer service agents listen to customers at all? Do they think we enjoy taking time to call about problems that we are having?

At the Cartoonstock, I found some of the most hilarious jokes regarding customer service and how we are handled when there are issues. Let me know what some of the funniest responses you have had from customer service?

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