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Episode #1 of The 10 Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Podcast!

June 18, 2007

10 Golden Rules of internet Marketing Podcast Episode 1 The Premiere!
Welcome to our first episode.

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A Big Thank you to Mitch Joel from the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast and and The Twist Image Blog for helping us get the podcast off the ground.

Also thanks to Joe Jaffe’s Across the Sound, CC Chapman’s Managing the Gray, Shel Holtz and Neville Hobson’s For Immediate Release, the Business Week CEO Guide to Technology, Bryan Pearson’s New Comm Road and Danny Sullivan and Darrin Babin’s Daily Search Cast for tremendous inspiration!

News and Notes
Last week we presented at Search Engine Strategies in Toronto and this week, June 18th and 19th we will be at Search Engine Strategies Latino.
Next week, on June 27, I will be moderating a panel at Ad-Tech Miami titled Blogs, Podcasts and Vidcasts.
On July 9 at Affiliate Summit 2007 East, I will be presenting Web 2.0 – The Ten Critical Strategies for Affiliate Marketing.

Ten Golden Rules ‘Live From the Blog’: Margie talks about Google Universal Search, Kathryn explains Conservapedia, Jeff highlights his TREO and Cingular error with the Captcha, and Suzannah discusses ‘How To’ Video Websites.

What’s Hot Intro ‘So Hot’ NoCo, ‘That’s Hot’ thebrew
‘Facebook’ Fast Company Article about Mark Zuckerberg, founder.

John Donovan, the COO of Lending Club, a person-to-person lending website that launched their product in beta, on Facebook.

Mitch Joel formed a Facebook group called the 6 Pixels of Separation Podcast Society

The Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing Rules 1-5
Golden Rule #1, There are no rules, test, test and re-test
Golden Rule # 2, The internet is not television. Internet marketing is an interactive measurable medium like direct mail. Use Direct Marketing strategies to measure lifetime value and cost per acquisition.
Golden Rule #3 – Create a UVP – a free offer or free widget on your website that will create an ongoing two way relationship with your website visitors
Golden Rule #4 If you build it they won’t just come, you must push, pull and drag visitors to your website through advertising, search, affiliates and other integrated tactics
Golden Rule # 5 Subscription Models Survive

Music Credits
Your Golden Rule – Shagg
Ten Golden Rules Theme Music ‘Rain’ courtesy of DJ Sean Miller and Carey Britt

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Please share comments and call ins at 206-888-6606 or email podcast (at)