Google Related – The New Google Toy

Google Related – The New Google Toy

Google explains the new Google Related feature as a tool that can show you helpful and interesting content while browsing the web. This includes maps, reviews, videos and more, which are all accessible while viewing a website.

The Google Related results display in a thin bar at the bottom of your browser screen.

The results from the toolbar will not display until you hover over the individual sections. Alternatively, you can hide the toolbar for specific pages and/or sites through the options menu.

This new feature is currently only available for Internet Explorer and Chrome browsers.

I recently installed Google Related so I haven’t had a lot of time to test it out yet. However, I do see potential benefits for users. For instance, it can save the time of having to search around for additional sources of information in multiple browsing sessions.

Below I’m watching a video while still on the website:

One question that initially popped in my head – how will Google Related results be reflected, if at all, within Google Analytics?

You can learn more about this new feature by watching the following video:

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