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Episode 36 Social Media Superstars Month Featuring Facebook Goddess Mari Smith and an exclusive interview with Michael Stelzner as he and Jay dissect the Social Media Marketing Industry Report, Content, Web Optimized Press Releases, Canonicalization, Song-of the-Week Blake Morgan featuring Lenny Kravitz Call in line 206-888-6606


Social Media Marketing Industry Report

00:01 Jason Calacanis Promo
00:31 10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast intro
02:50 K7 Nicole Fleisher Israel
06:38 K7 Joe Kiwano

09:34 K7 Go To Meeting fan James Traynor Syntryx
10:30 Rain Bumper Short – Rain Bumper Short
11:31 Michael Stelzner Social Media Marketing Industry Report

28:33 Mari Smith Interview

1:06:21 Song-of the-Week Blake Morgan Featuring Lenny Kravitz – Why Don’t You See
1:11:08 Arno Lubbinge – Produced with CastBlaster
1:11:11 Natalie Gelman – 10 Golden Rules Bumper
1:11:17 10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast Extro