Teaching digital marketing is part of the core DNA at Ten Golden Rules. Our clients learn while we work together, and we continue our role training at industry conference and online.
Organizations that invest in training for their people typically have lower employee turnover, which is associated with higher customer satisfaction, which in turn is a driver of profitability. A second driver is manager proficiency — good managers determine if people stay or go, and this is also influenced by training and development. The education and training variable is the most significant predictor of an organization’s success as compared to price-to-earning ratios, price-to-book statistics, and measures of risk and volatility.
Our South Florida strategic consulting firm will review your current brand development efforts and develop in-house standards and training for marketing and product development that compliments your brand. Contact TEN GOLDEN RULES, or call 561-620-9121 to find out how our training services can work for your company.