Should You Use A Free Press Release Distribution Service?

Should You Use A Free Press Release Distribution Service?

Free press release sites are great in your overall SEO campaign. There are something’s to consider when using them that you have to be conscious of. For instance, when you post for free, does it get syndicated to other sites, or does it just sit on that one site with no links? At we use them strategically and have found many advantages to the services they provide.

1. Free – You can push news out at zero cost
2. Fast – You can have a press release live within minutes of submitting it
3. More opportunity – Creates another opportunity for you to have your information on the web that is keyword optimized
4. Links – If accepted, this is a great tactic to build links to your website

1. Reporting – Slim to non-existent
2. Upgrades – Cost money
3. Ads – These websites need to make money too
4. Ranking – The search engines give priority to established newswire services

  • Peggy Duncan
    Posted at 14:05h, 28 July Reply

    I agree with all of this. The last time I checked, none of the free sites get indexed by Google or Yahoo News (I think around 64% of journalists find story ideas from these sources). BUT, they will get indexed by the regular Google, but not as quickly as the established news sites.

    BUT, either way, the chances of the media being interested in your news is slim. So instead of spending hundreds of dollars sending press releases, I use a very low cost and free site to post as much as I want. This works for overall SEO. Then later, when a journalist needs whatever I wrote about, they'll find me. I've had much success with this strategy…from the Today show to CNN.

  • Don Silver
    Posted at 21:34h, 28 July Reply

    I agree, the free sites are better than using no sites at all, but the distribution/pick-up using paid services is much better.

    Using pretty much guarantees Google, but not much else.

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