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Top Viral Videos of 2007


It’s that time of year when every website, book, magazine, TV show, etc puts out their “Best___ Of 2007” The fine folks over at put out their top 20 viral videos of 2007 and for the most part the list is pretty accurate. In the top 15-20 there are some obvious standouts such as Obama Girl (#18 and should have been higher), the 2 yr old singing My Humps (#12 should have been higher), Miss Carolina (#11, which I thought should have been higher, but did not really have any staying power), Soulja Boy Tell em (#10, should be higher, some argue the how-to video made his song the hit that it was), Dramatic Chipmunk (#9, should be #2).

The Top 5 are Thriller Prison Dance, Vagina Power (barely should be in Top 10) 2girls 1 cup (not actual video which is NSFW and I think the reaction videos are better anyway), Leave Britney Alone and the Landlord.

The top video was watched over 50 million times and a vast majority of those were not on Youtube, but instead which was launched by the brilliant individuals at Gary Sanchez Productions. I had seen 16 of the Top 20, how many had you seen? Which videos are missing from the list?