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Ten Golden Rules offers businesses and law firms more than digital marketing services. Our team includes business development experts who apply law firm growth strategies to common issues that plague your internal operations. From hiring and staffing pain points to new case management platforms, technology, and development, Ten Golden Rules is your go-to source for organizing and streamlining your processes for overall growth.

After decades of working with lawyers and earning their trust by delivering on our promises, we noticed our clients coming to us to solve problems that were not directly marketing related. Lawyers, CEOs, and senior management professionals were looking to Ten Golden Rules for broader business development solutions and law firm growth strategies. We delivered answers then and we still deliver them now.

Our growth strategy services were born from an industry need. We are here for your business no matter what the concern. We can recommend a case management software, facilitate your hiring process, help structure and grow your thought leadership and even help build your book of business through proven Rainmaker strategies. As your partners in growth, nothing is out of reach for our award-winning team. 

Ten Golden Rules is Trusted by Law Firms for Successful Growth

Ten Golden Rules provides everything you need to grow your business, and often that means more than marketing success. We help law firms get more leads, clients, and profits by overseeing their growth (and that doesn’t stop with just internet marketing). We help law firms expand their position in the marketplace with the following law firm growth strategies services.

Business Strategy, Planning & Goal Setting

Ten Golden Rules has developed a proprietary business planning brainstorming process that develops your top 10 priorities as a business for the year, and creates a pln to hit your goals. With our help you can stop waiting and wishing for your goals to become a reality. Our project leaders hit the ground running, helping to implement the steps to turn your priority list from mere goals to actual achievements. 

Business Tracking & Technology

Is technology making your life easier? It should be. At Ten Golden Rules, we help you implement technology to manage your business more efficiently, and to have access to precise information about your business right at your fingertips. We don’t guess or assume when your money and business are on the line. Our clients are set up with a live digital dashboard that allows you to see real-time data to instruct key business decisions. It is easy to access, fast information about your business status right at your fingertips.

Intake & Conversion Consulting

For many marketing firms, the sales funnel stops after they’ve increased traffic to your website, but that’s not the endgame at Ten Golden Rules. Once we’ve increased your web traffic and seen the results of the phone ringing more often, we turn our attention to your processes for INtake. We will help you optimize your lead sources, handle after-hours calls, phone service technology, and overall customer service of new prospects and clients to ensure those new phone calls turn into happy, high revenue customers.

Rainmaker Strategies

Rainmakers are indispensable but rare assets for law firms. We can teach your team the best methods for scaling your new business pipeline and advise what technologies can help generate new opportunities. Get your staff on board and create a dream team of Rainmakers with business development strategies from Ten Golden Rules.

Hiring & Staffing Solutions

What strategies can help improve your hiring process and the quality of your people? Ten Golden Rules has helped many law firms create exciting job ads that attract top talent. We humanize your team and feature your unique culture. We create hiring incentive programs. We can get you through the pain points of transitioning to a remote workplace. Each of these tactics helps grow your team with the best people in the industry.

Case Management & Profitability

Stop making guesses and assumptions about what is working for your clients. Our experienced experts get leads and the costs per lead into your case management or accounting software for accurate data about your overall profitability of business operations. The Ten Golden Rules team is transparent, honest, and real – just like our results.

Technology & Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Understanding the future is a big part of succeeding in any business and law firms are no different. We have a healthy pulse on emerging trends that impact not just the legal industry, but the business world as a whole. Ten Golden Rules has been instrumental in developing new technologies and we are familiar with new solutions like Artificial Intelligence (Ai), bitcoin and blockchain payments, and virtual and augmented reality. We can get your law firm up to 21st-century standards and keep an eye on the next big thing.

Digital PR Strategies

Our Digital PR experts maximize your media opportunities for news and targeted keywords. We have experience working with some of the top media sources in the world and have relations with professionals in some of the most well-read, viewed, and listened to platforms. Expand your presence on the web, showcase your community involvement, and spotlight your business in a positive light all at the direction of Ten Golden Rules so you don’t have to lift a finger.

There’s Room To Grow. Let’s Talk Law Firm Growth Strategies.

Be more effective with a business management strategy from our award-winning team. Ten Golden Rules takes the guessing out of running and business by applying proven law firm growth strategies to the full scale of your business. From business setup, management, and development, our experts can make recommendations that position your law firm for growth. When you partner with Ten Golden Rules you’ll see more clients, increased profit, and better performance in all areas of your law firm.