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Hear it straight from the attorney himself – here is Bryan Garret discussing the success we have had working together with him and his law firm.

When you’re looking for answers, you turn to the internet for solutions. That’s exactly what Bryan Garrett was doing when he searched for help getting to the top of Google and found one of our informative YouTube videos discussing Google Screened Local Service Ads (LSAs) for Law Firms.

Bryan scheduled a meeting with our Founder & CEO, Jay, as he was watching the video. By the end of the week, he was signed as a client with high hopes for the strategy we had presented him.

And we didn’t disappoint – the results we achieved for his practice in just a few months were even better than we had anticipated!


Attorney Bryan Garrett found Ten Golden Rules from a YouTube video about Local Service Ads. This Oklahoma City Personal Injury lawyer was looking for help to increase his leads and signed cases.


> A solo attorney was looking to increase leads and web traffic for his practice

> Web traffic less than 500 visits per month, web leads below 15 per month


> TGR revamped the attorney’s website with new Site Architecture User Interface

> Implemented marketing strategies to direct traffic to the new and improved website using Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads, Google Screened Local Service Ads (LSAs), Conversion Strategies, Referral Boosting and Social Media.

> Secured Google Screened approval for Bryan’s practice to initiate use of Local Service Ads

> Introduced new technologies like 24/7 web chat, call tracking, video marketing and qualified lead generation

> Developed an extensive link-building program with a series of local news links and traffic generating blog posts

> Initiated a results-monitoring system using KPI Reporting with lead tracking and Tracking and Attribution with an always-available Digital Dashboard


> Overall traffic to website has increased 232.53% from 498 Site Visitors to 1,656

> Leads (Calls, Chats, Form Leads) are up 512.50% from 24 leads to 147 leads!
> Bryan and his team are signing 40-50 cases each month