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For many marketing firms, the sales funnel stops after they’ve increased traffic to a website, but at Ten Golden Rules, we know that converting and retaining leads for law firms requires a more holistic effort. 

Once we have increased your web traffic and your phone is ringing more often, we turn our attention to your processes for intake. With our intake and conversion consulting services, we will help you ensure that your new phone calls turn into high value clients.

Optimization of Leads For Law Firms 

Your law firm’s growth strategy depends on how well you are optimizing your leads from the first contact with your firm. To ensure that you’re not letting any leads slip through the cracks, we start by improving your website so that potential leads know exactly how to contact you to learn more about your services. Phone calls are the most effective way of securing leads, and we focus on optimizing your website to get as many calls as possible. Next, we prioritize leads for law firms through online chat and contact forms.

Phone Service Technology

Once your website is optimized, the next step is properly handling all incoming phone calls. Ten Golden Rules ensures that you are prepared to answer every lead that contacts you. With just a receptionist or other phone answering service, you end up with lots of missed calls. We know that each missed call is a missed opportunity that damages your performance in Google SEO, Maps and Local Service Ads – LSAs, so our team will introduce phone service technology that tracks each lead and records calls that allow us to provide intake and conversion consulting.

After-Hours Call Answering

After-hours call intake is important to ensure that you never miss a great lead, and you communicate to Google that you are always available to answer the phone for a prospect. Ten Golden Rules helps you build an effective after-hours phone service that provides a chance for your leads to connect with your firm even after you shut down for the day. This helps ensure that high quality leads for law firms are not missed.

Phone Call Performance Measuring

We want you to know how well your intake and conversion process is performing. That’s why we prepare you to track and monitor your phone call performance so you know what’s working and what needs improvement. 

Customer Service for New Prospects & Clients

When you answer a phone call from a potential client, this is their first interaction with your team. Therefore, it’s important that you make a great impression. With Ten Golden Rules, your team will be trained with the best practices to engage your callers immediately, to show empathy and understanding and convert interest to signed clients. We ensure that you are communicating empathy, interest, and active listening in your approaches and train your employees so that you are offering a 5-star concierge service.

Chat Lead and Form Conversion

Our intake and conversion consulting includes training your intake team on the best ways to convert chat leads and website form fill submissions. Additionally, we have developed a new proprietary technology called TGR Boomerang to ensure no leads go unattended. 

Take Advantage of Each Phone Call

You can count on our award-winning team to ensure that you are optimizing your entire intake and conversion process, from getting people to dial your number to turning them into loyal clients. Contact Ten Golden Rules today to discuss how we bring sustainable returns by enhancing leads for law firms and improving how you handle your phone calls.