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Your success as a law firm boils down to bringing in new business. Every profitable law firm should have a team of rainmakers who can each bring in new leads and conversions based on their own personal relationships, experience, and personality – but there is definitely a strategy for making it work, and we can show you how. Ten Golden Rules has the expertise in rainmaker strategies that are guaranteed to grow your business and bring in leads that convert. 

Thought Leadership

Rainmakers are innovators, content originators – thought leaders. To become known as an expert people will recommend, you must have strategic and original ideas in your industry. At Ten Golden Rules, we believe that any law firm can be a thought leader, as long as you have the right tools and expertise to share your knowledge. By creating purposeful and valuable content (read: not canned responses of what others say) based on your profession expertise, clients will not only trust you, but recommend you to others. Ten Golden Rules can help you build a team of thought leaders to get your firm recognition and notoriety.

Make Life-Changing Connections

The common thread that binds all rainmakers is relationships. The more you can get to know valuable contacts and establish yourself someone they know, like and trust – and as a “connector” someone who facilitates relationships for others, the more people will think of you as the person to go to when they need something. Ten Golden Rules can help you learn to build the quality connections you need for a powerful network of partners and clients.

Law Firm and Personal Branding

Rainmakers communicate their uniqueness and market it strategically. At Ten Golden Rules, our expertise is in law firms. We know how the legal industry works, what the competition is like, and how to market your services on every platform, from personal branding to social media to speaking engagements. 

Rainmaker Strategies for Law Firms

There is a difference between securing a lead and securing a conversion. At Ten Golden Rules we emphasize the latter and develop a strategy to optimize your lead sources, handle after-hours calls, and overall customer service of new prospects and clients to ensure those new phone calls turn into happy, high-revenue customers.

Educate Your Younger Staff

Rainmaker firms leverage each member of their team, regardless of their seniority. All of your staff members can bring in valuable relationships, they just need to know how. Ten Golden Rules can prepare your younger attorneys with the tools they need to leverage their networks and diversify your client base, making them an invaluable resource to the firm as they continue to grow in their career.

Elevate Your Firm with Our Rainmaker Strategies

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing to rainmaker level, then it’s time to contact Ten Golden Rules today. With our rainmaker strategies for law firms, your team will be a powerhouse generating lead conversions and long-term business growth.