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While some clients come to us looking for quick growth, others are more interested in a completely new approach to Digital Marketing that sets their firm up for long-term success with better infrastructure and a solid strategy for the future. The latter was the case for Stewart & Stewart when they signed with our agency.

The results of our work with this firm have transformed them into one of the largest and most reputable firms in the area. Their online presence has drastically improved and their website is getting more hits than they could have ever imagined!


Stewart & Stewart, a midwestern Personal Injury Law Firm, was looking to grow leads and signed cases. They approached Ten Golden Rules for help with a multi-faceted Digital Marketing Strategy.


> A law firm was looking for substantial, lasting growth in leads and clients

> Web traffic wavering around 500 visits per month, web leads were at 47, but low considering the size of the firm


> TGR began by performing a Site Architecture Audit to determine what work needed to be done

> Built a new, optimized website for the firm that highlighted family ownership, local community roots and their promise of guaranteed results

> Created an ongoing SEO Strategy including a content revamp, blog posts, and link building

> Began running Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads for the firm to lead traffic to the website

> Developed a multi-channel pre-qualified lead generation program

> Implemented KPI Reporting and lead tracking to monitor growth, and Tracking and Attribution to monitor the success of different marketing efforts


> Website traffic to website is up 514%, from 565 Unique Site Visits to 3,474
> Leads (Calls, Chats, Form Fills) are up 693%, from 47 to 373