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As a busy attorney you have enough writing to do for your practice, which is why you should turn to the experts at Ten Golden Rules to drive and implement your online content strategy. Legal website content needs to follow search engine optimization best practices, and also connect with prospective clients.

Ten Golden Rules specializes in content marketing for lawyers. We have decades of experience crafting content that is consumer-friendly and ranks high in search engine results. Our unique content strategy for driving potential new clients to your website makes your life easy and values your time. See what we can do for your law firm. 

Legal Writing Specifications

Unlike many other industries, writing for law firm websites has rules. Our team understands the importance of complying with bar advertising regulations and backing any claims with sufficient evidence and resources. We draft content that hits the mark on the first round so you don’t need to be bothered with revising, editing and publishing. Everything we write is factually valid and will be approved by your State bar advertising rules. We have successfully written content for hundreds of law firms and we will do the same for you. 

Our Unique Approach to Content Marketing for Lawyers

After nearly two decades of success, we’ve developed a unique strategy to create website content that drives customers to your website without taking up your valuable billing hours with revision requests and strategy meetings. 

Once a quarter, we brainstorm and review answers to the questions your team is asked the most often by your clients. Our team then hits the ground running, taking your real answers and repurposing them into many different types of content and media, including blog posts, social media blurbs, core website content, and videos.

When someone does a Google Search they are essentially asking a question. We have found time and time again that this approach of answering these search questions with optimized content always wins in the search engines. Our clients love it because it keeps them practicing law instead of writing content, and we love it because it supports a content strategy across different media types.

Types of Content Writing at Ten Golden Rules

At Ten Golden Rules, we understand the demands of your day job. Working with an award-winning digital marketing agency to create quality content ultimately saves you time. We deploy a range of content writing options to support your internet marketing goals. 

Law Firm Blog Posts

Regularly posting to your blog signals to Google that your website is fresh and current. Eliminate the hassle of writing and posting in-house and rely on our legal writers to develop sought after topics, write engaging posts, answer the questions your customers are asking, and post them to your website at a regular frequency, signaling to Google that your website is relevant and important.

Website Content for Law Firms

Your website content tells the story of your business, but also needs to capture the attention of your future clients. Our copywriting team are experts at balancing these best practices with your tone and style. We write core content, attorney biographies and practice area content that ranks high in Google and other search engines, and also showcases the personality of your firm. 

Legal Email Newsletters

We know how to make email campaigns that work for lawyers. We consider your different audience groups – past clients, current clients, and referral sources – and draft content that forges a connection that  ultimately turns into a phone call or email. Ten Golden Rules can help you leverage your email marketing list into a consistent sales funnel.

Social Media Posts for Lawyers

Our writing experts understand all of the social media platforms so you don’t have too. We’ve mastered getting high engagement on posts and we know how to consistently build your audiences. Our strategies target past, and future customers and entice them to follow your profiles and react to your content. From LinkedIn (a must-have for law firms) to Facebook and Instagram reels, to TikTok and Twitter, we maintain your online social media presence to drive traffic to your website.

Law Firm Press Releases

Traditionally press releases were a tool to share important firm news like when you hire a new attorney, or open a new office. At Ten Golden Rules, we have a more innovative approach and use press releases as part of our marketing strategy for link building, getting other websites to mention your firm and link back to your website. An increase in links to your website helps search engine rankings. Press releases are also an important tool in creating conversations about your community initiatives.

Content Marketing for Lawyers – Let’s Talk Strategy

Ten Golden Rules specializes in creating web-friendly legal content that is tailored to both your audience and search engines. We write engaging content so you don’t have too. Our strategies get people interested in your law firm services, which generates more phone calls and more business. Speak with a member of our team today to learn more about content marketing for lawyers at Ten Golden Rules