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More than just a digital marketing firm, Ten Golden Rules has a team of strategic planning experts that will help you develop your law firm business plan. Our unique Ten Golden Rules business planning process helps you set goals and make a realistic plan to reach them.

We have developed and refined our business planning methodology with over 20 years of planning and executing successful plans for firms of all sizes. We can help you grow your profit and revenue, develop a strategic employee retention and legal hiring process, develop your technological capacities, and even create a pln for marketing and thought leadership. As your partners in growth, our team works with you to create the right plan, and ensure you have the team and strategies to achieve your goals.

Proprietary Business Planning

Ten Golden Rules has developed an interactive, proprietary business planning brainstorming process that develops your top 10 priorities for the year. We then help you create a structured plan to hit your goals. With our help, you can stop waiting and wishing for your goals to become a reality. Our project leaders hit the ground running, helping to implement the steps to turn your priority list from mere goals to actual achievements.

Achievable Goals Setting

To reach any goal, you must first break it down into achievable steps with a timeline. Ten Golden Rules sits down with you to set quarterly business and marketing goals, such as how much your case value should be and how many clients you need to reach your financial targets. We also help you set priorities and organize your team to ensure you are capable of meeting all expectations required for success. We help you do the business math that is required to hit your goals. 

Understanding Your Firm Thoroughly

We understand that your law firm has a particular client base, context, and capacity. Creating and implementing a successful law firm business plan requires a tailored understanding of what you do and what you can achieve within a certain period of time. That’s why we take the time to perform a deep dive on your business. Ten Golden Rules examines your key metrics and performance indicators, while also running a competitive analysis. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses as well as key trends within your practice area niche, we craft a tailored plan that will work for you.

Year-Round Strategies for Hitting Goals

There’s no reason to hold off on working toward your goals for growth. We are able to create a timeline that gets you started regardless of what time of year it is. For new clients, we can start the planning process right away – there is no magic to the start of the year.

Develop a Law Firm Business Plan with Ten Golden Rules

See results with a business planning strategy from our award-winning team. Ten Golden Rules makes your business goals achievable by applying our strategic process to the full scale of your firm. From brainstorming to planning to implementation, our experts can make recommendations that position your law firm for success. Whether you are seeking revenue growth or more efficiency in your team, Ten Golden Rules is here to ensure you reach all of your business goals.