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Welcome to the Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing for Law Firms Podcast.

Join host Jay Berkowitz on an innovative journey through the world of digital marketing for the legal industry. With his expertise and passion, and world-class guests, Jay empowers legal professionals to thrive in the digital age.

Explore topics like Search Engine Optimization, Google advertising, Artificial intelligence, intake strategies, content marketing, and social media strategies. Jay’s practical advice and industry expertise equip legal professionals to navigate the online world. This podcast is your invaluable resource for unlocking your law firm’s full potential.

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with Jay Berkowitz as your guide in the ever-changing realm of internet marketing for law firms. Your success story begins here!


Today I'm joined by Paul Neal, a seasoned entrepreneur with deep expertise in real estate investing for your firm. We'll explore the shifting trends in office spaces and work habits, emphasizing the need for a local presence and flexible work spaces. We'll discuss the benefits of investing in real estate, including wealth accumulation, control over space, tax advantages, and passive income. Paul and I will share creative business strategies, the importance of mentorship and networking, and innovation. Paul will reveal his go-to productivity tools, discuss the art of delegation, and recommend essential business reads. We'll also address the demand for flexible work arrangements, and how delegating tasks can free up time for high-level thinking. Join us as we uncover insights on acquiring business properties, leveraging low down payment options, and the wealth-building potential of real estate. Let's get started!
This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Jean The Results Queen, Dr. Jean Oursler, founder of Caveman Brain. With over 24 years of experience in operations, sales, marketing, and finance, Dr. Oursler brings a wealth of knowledge to our discussion about coaching law firms. Dr. Oursler is also an EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Implementer, and she explains how EOS enhances productivity, accountability, and communication within legal practices. She shares compelling success stories, including a managing partner who saw significant improvements in meeting productivity and task completion through EOS. She lays out four essential building blocks for improving sales, particularly for personal injury attorneys, and stresses the importance of deeply understanding your target audience. We discuss the significance of setting achievable goals, the concept of "brain junk" or mental clutter, and the myriad benefits of EOS. Dr. Oursler shares her journey of transitioning her business from a traveling consultancy to an online venture, highlighting the importance of aligning marketing and business development strategies. It's an engaging and informative discussion that you won't want to miss.
Today, we're diving into one of our most popular webinars The Law Firm Rainmaker Playbook with guests Ken Hardison, Steve Nudelberg, and Alan Margulius. We'll explore key strategies to build your own book of business and boost your firm's business development, including building your personal brand, creating a personal referral network, hosting client advisory boards, using books for personal branding, and leveraging social media. Ken shares innovative tactics for generating referrals, while Steve provides insights on modern communication techniques. Alan emphasizes leadership, accountability, and authentic relationship-building. We also discuss creating a referral mindset, networking on LinkedIn, and providing value beyond legal services. Young lawyers will benefit from practical business development plans, focusing on high integrity relationships, simple and repeatable strategies, and prioritizing clients' agendas. Tune in for actionable sales content, referable practices, and the importance of return on relationships (ROR) over traditional ROI. Get ready to transform your business development approach with expert advice.
Whether you’re a law student, a seasoned professional, or someone who does the digital marketing for your firm, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable advice. Today I welcome our special guest, Chris Earley, a seasoned personal injury attorney from Boston. We discuss the importance of family and community in law firms and share strategies for personal injury law firms to grow and succeed. Chris and I emphasize the value of having a purpose-driven law firm that supports the community and allows attorneys to maintain a work-life balance. We highlight the importance of consistency, persistence, and authenticity in building a successful law practice, alongside the benefits of hyperlocal marketing, email list building, content creation, and masterminds for attorneys. We also talk about leveraging local organizations and teams to generate referrals and build credibility, think about your children’s sports teams! Chris shares his journey from a liberal arts graduate to a successful law firm owner with 20 years of experience, offering insights into the power of community involvement and the importance of consistent content creation. Throughout our discussion, we emphasize perseverance, authenticity, and leveraging technology to stay ahead in the competitive legal landscape. Tune in now for insights that...
Join us as I sit down with Charley Mann the mastermind behind $500K Referral Playbook - Transforming Your Law Practice Through Partnerships to uncover the secrets behind building a thriving referral network for law firms. Charley shares his three-pronged referral playbook, emphasizing the power of networking through regular meetups, monthly mailers, and weekly emails. We delve into practical strategies for enhancing your legal practice, including the importance of physical mail, building connections with community leaders, and consistent content creation. We also explore how successful attorneys like Ben Crump and Gloria Allred leverage their celebrity status, the value of disciplined networking, and innovative VIP box strategies for client referrals. Whether you're looking to elevate your practice or gain insights into effective content distribution, this episode offers actionable advice to help you transform your law firm through strategic partnerships. It is time for you to master the referral engine and make meaningful connections within the legal community.
Today, I’m thrilled to have Vanessa Shaw from Business Growth Academy on the show. Vanessa brings a wealth of experience, including a 21-year career with the United Nations and a shift into life coaching and business development. In this episode, Vanessa and I dive deep into the art of targeting "champagne clients" for higher-quality engagements and the crucial role of building lasting relationships within your niche. She shares a moving story from her UN days and how those skills now benefit law firm coaching. We also touch on her pioneering virtual coaching programs, challenges faced by women attorneys, and the importance of financial empowerment. Don't miss Vanessa's insights on attracting high-quality clients, building strong business relationships, and the 3 big rocks rule for productivity. For more game-changing content, check out the full episode and hit subscribe. Stay ambitious!