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Latinos and Hispanics not only have the fastest-growing population in the United States, but they also have the fastest-growing buying power, and it continues to increase at a swift pace. If you aren’t marketing to the Hispanic community, you are losing possible clients to the competition. And, in most markets, the majority of law firms are not marketing to Hispanics and Latinos, and there is less competition for this important market segment.

Ten Golden Rules can help you optimize your legal website for the Hispanic market. The Spanish speakers on our team can assist in translations – and we customize the Spanish for local Spanish speakers. Mexican, Caribbean, and European Spanish all have different ‘flavors’ – as well as recommend editorial direction that works for this audience group. 

What Works for Digital Spanish and Hispanic Marketing

In addition to translating websites and other digital assets to the appropriate local Spanish for your market, we also optimize the following Hispanic Marketing tools:

  • Spanish Websites
  • Spanish Landing Pages – Language and Visuals
  • Hispanic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Spanish Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns (PPC) – keywords, ads, copy and testing
  • Local Spanish Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok
  • Video Marketing: YouTube videos or webinars
  • Spanish Newsletters and eNewsletters
  • Reaching more Hispanic clients in the city or state where you practice
  • Reducing your expenditures on Spanish-language advertising
  • Expert review of the Hispanic market and media outlets in your area
  • Hispanic Television and Billboard Campaigns
  • Spanish Lead Generation

How Ten Golden Rules Can Help With Your Spanish Marketing Efforts

Ten Golden Rules knows the importance of reaching the Hispanic and Latino communities. We have the knowledge you need to help you establish objectives and strategies that match your primary goals in order to make the most of your marketing spend on an ongoing basis. We can help you learn more about your prospects’ language preferences, locations, interests, and cultural ideals. Most importantly, we can execute those ideas in a fashion that drives more phone calls and more cases to your desk. 

Contact our office today to discuss what will work best for your firm. We offer free consultations, and our staff is multilingual.