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You have about three seconds to tell an online user who you are and how you can help. 

In those three seconds, a potential customer will make the decision to keep reading or move on to the next law firm. Effective law firm web design utilizes several core principles to keep users engaged with your website so they ultimately call your phone number or fill out your contact form.

At Ten Golden Rules, we’re experts at planning and executing those design principles. We make recommendations based on what we know work. Our team will present multiple new design options that represent your firm’s style and follows our strict guidelines on content, conversion strategies, usability, and navigation to ensure the website redesign will maximize your overall marketing goals.

ADA Compliance For Law Firm Websites

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires websites to meet certain standards for accessibility and functionality. New websites need to pass accessibility testing that allows individuals with hearing or visual disabilities to find information they need with ease. Our team applies design principles that meet the strictest ADA compliance measurements. You can be confident that your new website is designed and built to encourage access by individuals with all types of disabilities and will pass all web content accessibility guidelines.

Mobile-Friendly Law Firm Web Design

Over 60% of all law firm website traffic comes from iPhone and Android screens. Smartphone users are sophisticated and connected and have even less of an attention span than desktop users. For these reasons, your website needs to look good and function well across mobile screen sizes. Your mobile website design is even more important than the desktop version. When we design a new website we plan for the mobile version right from the beginning to ensure mobile users have a good experience when navigating to your law firm website. 

Responsive (Mobile) Law Firm Web Design

Every website we build is responsive, which means it automatically snaps down and condenses the design elements of the desktop version to the screen size in use. Our responsive design accounts for all mobile screen sizes but also tablets, e-readers, and even super large desktops. No matter what device you use to load your website it will look professional. A responsive website will last well into the future, regardless of what new technology emerges. They also require less maintenance and are easy to update. 

Let’s Talk Law Firm Web Design

With so many distractions, your law firm web design and website are very much your calling card. It exists to rank high on Google searches, convert users and provide critical information (like phone numbers and addresses). At Ten Golden Rules we have an expert team that executes a proven process to get lawyers new websites (or redesigned ones) that follow all of our best usability, conversion, and SEO practices. 

Our law firm web design team helps law firms of all sizes and practice areas build an online presence that is functional and high performance. Contact us today to learn more.