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What strategies can help improve your hiring process and the quality of your people? Ten Golden Rules has helped many law firms create Legal Hiring Strategies to find up-and-coming attorneys, legal support staff and paralegals and future partners for the firm.

Our legal hiring strategies include developing positioning for the firm. We help you identify your unique culture and humanize your team, and feature your unique benefits as an employer and member of the community. Then we will develop website content and digital videos that reinforce the firm’s best features. And, we will also develop tactical approaches for finding the best candidates and stimulate interest for them to join your team

We will help you create exciting job ads that attract top talent, utilize existing connections to pinpoint talented new employees, and develop programs to sustain employee satisfaction. We create legal hiring incentive programs. We can get you through the pain points of transitioning to a remote workplace. Each of these legal hiring tactics helps grow your team with the best people in the industry.

Attract the Right Talent

The first step to attracting quality employees is showing that your firm is a great place to work. With our expertise in digital marketing and business planning, we can work with you to map out the kind of talent you want to recruit and how to get there. From helping you write compelling job ads to creating engaging videos of your work environment to getting you placed in ‘top places to work’ award competitions, we can give you the edge you need to attract the talent that your firm needs.

Leverage Your Network

Hiring contacts of your employees and clients can be one of the most beneficial and cost-effective ways of reaching qualified applicants. Ten Golden Rules can work with you to create a strategy to leverage these connections, whether it’s putting job advertisements in your newsletters or writing posts for employees to share on social media. We can even help you design an incentive program for your employees and clients to refer applicants to your firm. 

Explore Remote Work

Remote work has become the norm for employers across the world and one of the most attractive options that job seekers are looking for, but we’ve been doing it at Ten Golden Rules for more than a decade. Depending on your firm’s activities and culture, offering partial or full work-from-home options can be an effective way of attracting qualified applicants. Given our expertise with a wide range of employee structures, we can discuss the potential benefits you can gain from offering work-from-home options to your employees.

Positive & Diverse Law Firm Culture

To stay competitive to applicants, your firm needs a long-term strategy for maintaining staff diversity and fomenting a positive workplace environment. Ten Golden Rules can help you design and implement a values-driven law firm culture that not only attracts, but retains top talent and keeps your staff motivated. 

Optimize Your Hiring Process with Legal Hiring Strategies

Our team develops the legal hiring strategies you need to find the best staff for your law firm’s specific needs. Whether you need help with content that engages quality applicants, strategies to boost team motivation, or methods to improve the efficiency of your hiring process, we are your go-to-source for legal hiring and staffing solutions. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you address your firm’s staffing challenges and find the right talent solutions to drive positivity, efficiency, and business growth.