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10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast Episode 4 Interview Founder Tim Westergren, Winner US Presidential Election ‘08 Web Marketing

August 9, 2007

The 10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast Episode 4 is live and available here and on iTunes (despite a week delay due to technical glitches, ugh…)

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• Interview with Tim Westergren, the founder of,
• Radio vs. Podcasting…comments from Joe Jaffe’s Across the Sound and Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation

The internet is like Direct Direct Marketing in its Measurability – it is measurable and interactive, we can target people specifically and we know who responded, and when they do connect, we create an ongoing two way relationship. Radio vs. Podcasting …what do you think? Please join the discussion by email to Podcast (at) 10goldenrules (dot) com or call 206-888-6606 to leave a digital recording.

Audio comment John Bejarano ROI Makers
Audio Comment from Joan Sparks JM Family

Ten Golden Rules Team ‘Live From the Blog
Michael – Affiliate Marketing Follow Your Passion
Margie – “Sometimes I hate the internet” Harry Potter Spoilers
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Kathryn – Blog Widgets ( )
Jeff – Google Local Ad Preview Tool

What’s Hot – Ten Golden Rules selects the Winner of the United States Presidential Election 2008 Best Website Performance
– CNN/You Tube invited consumer questions for the Democratic debate the format was very well received with real honest questions being asked of the candidates.
– Also You Tube has been buzzing with videos featuring various scantily clad fans of Barack Obama and Rudy Guiliani, here is a link to the Obam Girl video on You Tube that has had almost 3 million views! FYI the ‘Obama Girl’ was a hired actress like LonelyGirl15

The Ten Golden Rules United States Presidential Election 2008 Best Internet Performance Winner!

• So we took a look at the top 6 fundraisers for the 2008 election campaign Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and Republicans, Mitt Romney, John McCain and Rudy Giuliani and applied our Internet Performance Rating Criteria
• We examined 13 different items and score each item from 1-10, each candidate could score a maximum of 130 points, then their final tally was divided by 13 to determine an internet performance rating on a scale of 1-10
• Add Google Page Rank with the Google Toolbar:
• And the winner is: Barack Obama!

10 Golden Rules interview featuring the founder of Tim Westergren.

The Pandora website is FREE internet music, it let’s you prepare customized music ‘stations’ featuring songs and artists you like. The site is very easy to use and let’s you discover music you like from undiscovered bands.

We discuss The Long Tail of music , The Podsafe Music Network , and he discusses the issues move by the copyright royalty board in Washington that would significantly raise costs for free stations like Pandora.

Tim also shared tips for how to build viral marketing, how to deliver tremendous customer service and develop a successful internet company. A big thank you to Tim Westergren!

Song of the Week:

“See the Sun – Live Acoustic” from Black Lab

Black Lab became famous among the podcast community when a campaign called Bum Rush the Charts promoted their song Mine Again

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