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10 Things I learned from the Amazing Stephanie Frank Author of The Accidental Millionaire

May 15, 2007

Last week I had the pleasure of sharing a stage with the Amazing Stephanie Frank, author of The Accidental Millionaire at the Women That Win Event in South Florida.

Here are 10 Things I learned from Stephanie:

1. Make Money While You Sleep. Stephanie has built her website and web marketing programs to generate revenue 24/7. With auto-responders and strong sales pages you can sell informational products automatically through online downloads or someone else can handle the shipping.

2. CAPTURE NAMES. ‘Give something First’ to capture a first name and an email address. This creates ‘The Online Connection’. At Ten Golden Rules we call this approach Golden Rule #4 Create a UVP (Unique Value Proposition) something you give away for free to engage the site visitor in a two way relationship.

What you can give for FREE:
– A Free Audio Interview
– A Special Report
– Teleclasses or Live Event attendance
– A Multi-Day Course
– A Free profile an online quiz with a relevant result

3. Use a ‘Squeeze page’ a page that hovers over the main web page with an email capture – only 1 thing to do.

4. Use a Powerful Headline. The 7 Deadly Sins, The 11 Things Your Mother Never Told You About, Solving the Million Dollar Mystery. A Secret Strategy that Makes Money Right Now.

5. Communicate to the Perfect Target Client. Write your page so that you are communicating to the perfect target client, communicate the exact message you would say to a huge prospect. Communicate that you understand their greatest need.

6. Focus Your Marketing Efforts.

If you Need Visibility, then do this:
– Advertising
– Pay Per Click
– Direct Mail
– Search Engine Optimization

If you Need Credibility, then do this:
– PR, Articles, Blogs, Referrals

If you Need Relationship with existing list:
– eZines
– AutoResponders
– Tips
– Thank you notes

8. The #1 Strategy to get noticed – ARTICLES. This is the best tool Stephanie has used to build the “I’ve heard of you” factor. PRINT = LONGEVITY.

Use the following approach in the article sandwich. Compelling Headline – e.g. 10 Amazing Things You’ll Learn. 1st Paragraph – Develop a connection that you understand their problem. In the Middle – Spell out the 10 Steps. Conclusion – Sum it up.


10. Before you Publish a Book – Create a BUZZ!