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12 New Websites And Web Services

September 19, 2008

PC World created a list of the 12 top new websites and services for consumers to be looking out for. These have been featured at the latest conferences, Demofall 08 and TechCrunch 50. Some of them are still in beta, but look promising and could help with people’s crazy lives.

Usable – Going to make passwords obsolete

Mixmatchmusic – Allowing musicians to profit from their art

iSearch – Trying to make “Googling someone a thing of the past”

GreenSherpa – Enhancing personal cash flow management

GazoPa – Image searching through documents

Birdpost – Allowing bird people to post bird sightings using online listings and posting images

Maverick Mobile – Developing mobile security enhancements

Spin Spotter – Going to allow people to spot spin in news posted on the web and allow people to share the truth

TravelMuse – Plan your trip organize schedules, share experiences

Avego – Carpoolers will unite and be able to help each other by giving rides to those in need. Just enter your location and where you are going

WebDiet – Putting your diet in your palm using your cell phone or computer. It will suggest meals using GPS and restaurants near you – Most interactive TV guide helping you find the TV shows you want to watch