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2010 Trend Predictions in Social Media

December 23, 2009

Trendspotting Market Research came out with a report about predictions for social media trends in 2010. I found it interesting that the predictions were in 140 characters, Twitter style. It definitely makes it easy to read. From this report, the major trends predictions in 2010 were suggested as mobile, location, transparency, measurement, ROI and privacy.

Some of my favorite predictions included:

  • “Mobile becomes a social media lifeline.”
  • “Companies get serious about social media, elevating their focus to social business.”
  • “By the end of the year we’ll have a new interface for status updates that looks nothing like a microblog.”
  • “Search will get more social: real time content in results, information from social network friends to results, using collective information from other web users.”
  • “Social media in 2010 will cease being the shiny new object and instead, become part of the everyday lexicon on business.”
  • “We’re going to see an explosion of things that use location.”

Are you ready for 2010? Do you have any trend predictions of your own regarding social media?

Read the rest of the report below: