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3 Awesome Places to Find Images for Blog Post


Hi guys, Matt the Intern here! I can’t believe it’s already been one week since I began working. Today I’m going to explain where to find pictures for blogs and websites, and how to upload them. I’ll also explain the things that you can NOT do when uploading a picture on a blog.
Here are a few useful websites that we use here at Ten Golden Rules:
If you are interested in free pictures, then flickr is a good website to use. Dollar Photo Club is inexpensive, and istockphoto has really high quality images and the Getty Collection for media and editorial use.
When you are searching for images, there is a tab that you can pull down called “Any License,” and choose “Commercial use allowed.” This will give you access to download the photos without having to pay, although you do have to give credit to the person who posted the picture.
After picking a picture and downloading it, save it onto your computer. This will be an effective and safe way to upload a picture on your blog.
What you CAN’T do
You can not take any picture you find on the internet and use it on your blog, because someone else owns the rights to that photo. If you get caught using someone else’s picture without permission, you could be forced to take it down, and even get sued.