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3 Easy Steps To Get Your Blog Noticed

February 27, 2009

So you created a blog, created some posts and you are wondering how people will find it? Well there are a few ways to get your blog noticed.

1. Find some popular blogs in your niche and comment on some blog posts. The blog owner usually reads blog comments and will most likely check out your site because they notice a new reader commenting. Of course, make sure you include your blog URL when leaving a comment.

2. Submit your blog to popular blog directories. There are many blog directories out there, but make sure you submit to quality sites with at least a page rank of 3.

Some blog directories to consider are:

The sites above all have certain requirements they look for so make sure you read them and meet them before submitting, otherwise you may get rejected.

3. Participate in social networks and forums that are related to your blog content. Start and participate in discussions and link to your blog in your profile or signature (if you are using a forum). That way, when people are reading your informative and useful responses, they will be inclined to read more about you and what you have to say.

That’s a starting point and I think all three are definitely doable if you are serious about getting your blog out there. Happy blogging! ☺