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4 Tips for Marketing to Teens

June 25, 2009
  • Do Not Use Slang: Teens are smarter than you think. They know the ads are coming from corporations, and more importantly, adults. When an adult uses slang, it’s almost as “uncool” as when their parents attempt to use slang. Therefore the ad, and the brand its associated with, becomes instantly “uncool”.
  • Avoid Cliches: Teens are obsessed with defining themselves, and they like to see themselves as individuals. When they encounter a cliche ad, they feel generalized, and they see their individuality as being threatened or questioned. This can frighten or offend them, and in turn makes them less receptive to the ad’s message.
  • Do Not Over-commercialize Fads: Many things that are “cool” to the teen world are only “cool” because they go against convention and aren’t associated with mass media. By making a fad commercially mainstream, it quickly loses its “cool” factor among those who pioneered it.
  • Interactivity is Key: Teens have relatively short attention spans, but they love wasting time. Building a small Flash game or “Create Your Own” system for your website will hold teens’ attention and keep them on your website longer. This extended exposure better anchors your brand in their minds & associates it with entertainment.