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5 Important Things to Have On Your Blog


Anyone can set up a blog, but there are many things that people aren’t aware of doing before they even launch their blog. Here are 5 important things you should have on your blog before you should even launch it to the public.

1. Measuring Your Traffic – It is best to have an idea of how many visitors go to your blog daily, and from there you can see how well your blog is doing. Adding Google Analytics and another site tracker helps so you can compare the two results you are getting from both places. A site tracker that I would recommend is

2. RSS Feed – RSS means Real or Really Simple Syndication, and having an RSS feed on your blog allows your readers to become aware of your posts as it is made public using a Feed aggregator such as Google Reader. Most blog platforms automatically have an RSS built in, but in order to keep track of how many subscribers you have, you can use

3. Blog Comment Moderation – A big problem in having a blog is comment spam. Although it is tough to not get any comment spam on a blog, there are ways to lessen it. One way is to have CAPTCHA, which is where you have to enter letters and numbers from the image shown. Another way is to moderate comments before they become live on the site.

4. An About Page – It is very important to have a page on your blog about yourself, or the company that is running the blog. That way, your readers will have a better idea of who is writing the content.

5. Updated Content – A blog that has updated content is the most important thing to have, and a best way to keep at putting out new blog posts is to have a schedule of what days you should post. If you wonder how you can keep the content coming, having a list of topics on hand is also helpful. If you enjoy what you are blogging about, finding ideas to write about is easy.