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5 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Be Doing Video

Olivia Bibbee

Learn how our proprietary video strategy creates a big impact from one of the TGR Team Members.

I’ve worked at many Digital Marketing Agencies over the course of my career – each with their own unique approach to enhancing SEO and creating digital awareness for their clients. However, it wasn’t until I joined the Ten Golden Rules Team that I discovered what sets this agency apart from the rest. 

In the past, I’ve worked with agencies that used photoshoots to generate content for clients’ websites, social media, and online presence. While the photoshoots did give a more personal look to the business than stock photography, it didn’t quite hit the mark on humanizing the clients and did relatively nothing for their Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Since joining the TGR Team, I’ve seen the real-life positive impacts that our proprietary strategy of leaning into video content can have on our clients’ online presence. 

There are a few key reasons that video content makes such a remarkable impact for the Law Firms we work with: 

  1. It adds a personal touch the same way a picture would, but takes that one step further to provide actual value to prospective clients, because it provides them with information they need during a time when they may be stressed or confused. Our clients often tell us “Thank you for helping us with the videos! We just got another client who said she watched 5 or 6 of our videos and decided we were the right form for her.”
  2. It creates a huge impact on websites and SEO. Google searches are mostly questions that the searcher doesn’t know the answer to. We coach our clients to answer questions in the videos, for example “What do I do if I was hit by an Uber?” or “Do I need a lawyer for a collaborative divorce?”. Then each video is optimized for YouTube and added to a search engine optimized page or blog post on the website. And,we use the videos in cascading content across multiple online channels and social media.
  3. It provides guidance at a level that is understandable and human. You’re not reading and interpreting law jargon – you’re having a conversation with a person. It communicates a feeling of empathy that can’t be conveyed through text or photo. 
  4. We also produce social media style videos that have a chance to go viral on reels and shorts. We ask our clients to tell a story about the most remarkable cases they have encountered, one of these viral videos has gone over 250,000 views!
  5. It grows your brand on a very successful social channel: YouTube.

I’ve seen firsthand the impact that our video content strategy can have on a firm’s online presence. For instance, I was once talking to someone in Connecticut about our strategy and pulled up an example of a video of one of our clients from Indiana. This person stopped me to say “I know this Law Firm, I’ve seen their YouTube shorts before!” 

As an Average Joe with no connection to the legal field or Connecticut, the fact that our client in a different field and a different state had come up in their YouTube viewing proved to me that our strategy extends the reach of our clients’ firms far past local exposure. 

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