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6 Questions from my friend Chris Brogan at LeWeb in Paris

December 11, 2009

My friend Chris Brogan gave a presentation this week at LeWeb in Paris.

Here are some of his comments:

You live or die by your database. Don’t build Twitter or Facebook at the expense
of a database you own after they flavor of the year passes.

He asked 6 thought provoking questions:

1. How do we share? How do you share information? What does your business share? Social Networks don’t go anywhere if they’re a dead end street, a locked up environment.

2. How do we collaborate? Are you encouraging information to flow from your system.

3. How do we go from HOME (the Home page) to being Nomads. There are tremendous advantages to building many outposts (Facebook, Twitter, communities) “Build outposts and passports back to your home page.”

4.”How do we extend experiences from the physical world to the web, and back.” Foursquare is just scratching the surface. (and before that BriteKite and Dodgeball)

5.”How do we wire humanity deeply? There is a difference between the person on Twitter representing Southwest Airlines and the person at the counter.”

6. “How do we go from being a theater to being a theater in the round? 360 degrees. Does your website push information out, or does it start a collaboration and engage people? People are looking for a human face on a company.