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A Blog is Not just a Blog – it is also a Newsletter

April 23, 2007

My Google Home Page is personalized to capture my favorite blogs through an RSS Feeder. Every time I open a browser window I peruse my favorite bloggers headlines, click on one or two and then try to remember why I opened the browser in the first place.

I have also subscribed to a number of blogs that I enjoy through Feedblitz and I get an email from Feedblitz every time they make a new post. (You can subscribe to this blog and get an email every time we make a new post – please look for the sign up box in the top left corner.)

A Blog is not just a Blog anymore, now with these two types of ‘push’ marketing services, the blog can play the same role in your marketing program as a newsletter, reminding your opt-in subscribers that you’re out there, informing them of new news, giving them a platform to forward your message to an associate etc. So, think of your blog posts not just as web entities, but as email newsletter messages as well.

Jay Berkowitz