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A Great Idea! Fresh eMail Every Time!

April 9, 2008

In reading Rohit Bhargava’s Influential Marketing Blog, I came across what may not qualify as the best new invention of 2008, but maybe it should. MintEmail provides a “temporary” email address for internet users.

Why would I need a temporary email address – essentially “disposable email”? Think of it this way. Next time you need to fill out a form on a website – and you need to be able to access a confirmation email, but you don’t want to give out your REAL email address – you can simply obtain a temporary email address from Mint Email. This email address is good for four hours – long enough for you to login and get the confirmation email. But, it protects you from the inevitable spam that follows giving out your real email address.

This is an inspiring idea – that puts the power in the user’s hands. As Rohit says, “a solution so simple, you wonder why no one else has done it first”.

For marketers, this will make obtaining real email addresses even more difficult. But, that just means we have to work harder at gaining trust, cultivating a relationship and delivering value.