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A New Kind of Press Release

May 2, 2012

SEOMoz opted to go bold with their latest announcement – instead of writing a standard press release to announce $18 million in Series B Funding, they decided to “memenounce” it. They’ve announced that they “dislike…the normal press release” and would instead prefer to distribute the information by creating several memes that can easily be propogated across the web. Although they do interrupt the images with brief statements that provide further information on the topic (“The Seattle-based company received $18M in Series B funding today from The Foundry Group of Boulder, Colo., with an additional investment from Ignition Partners of Bellevue, WA.”), most of the page that announces the funding is dedicated to a series of common memes that have been tagged with funny takes on the announcement. It’s an ingenious marketing strategy – people will not only share the images, but share the story behind them.

What do you think? Are you bold enough to use memes, social media, or other strategies to disseminate your news? Will you try a new and innovative method of announcing information? Or has SEOmoz gone too far?

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