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A Picture is worth 1,000 Clicks!


I have been sharing an intenet marketing strategy in my presentations “A picture is worth 1,000 clicks”. Pictures, images and cute cartoons found on websites, blogs and Social Media pages are easily shared, liked and commented on and they virally spread marketing messages.
I looked at the Quantcast list of top US sites, and one site jumped off the list Pinterest at #7. Wow, the photo ‘pinning’ site has more traffic than  Bing, Yahoo and Wikipedia!
Pinterest is most popular among people collecting or pinning fashion and home decor ideas. I use Pinterest to bookmark images such as infographics and internet marketing information, as well as to save images of personal interest such as my wonder-dog Tyler and my beloved Winnipeg Jets.

Here is a link to the Quancast list of the top US Sites. Another traffic rating website Alexa ranks Pinterest at number #16.
I interviewed a young Account Executive candidate. She said the site was so popular among her friends who are bored at work because corporations haven’t blocked the site yet (like Facebook). They can sit at their desk and it looks like they’re working but they are pinning things.
Perhaps the most effective use of images for internet marketing is creating ‘Facebook Candy’. Nurses Rock is a Facebook group with over 440,000 Fans.

They regularly add engaging images with captions or slogans to the page, each image is Liked, commented on or shared thousands of times. Each time someone shares an image their friends see the image, if they are interested in nurses or nursing they might ‘Like’ Nurses Rock and eventually sign up for the All community website. 

How are you using images in your internet marketing programs? Please comment and share below.