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A Preview into the New Twitter Homepage

April 6, 2011

In support of Twitter’s refocus on “interests” versus “top tweets or trending topics”, Twitter has revealed their new homepage design. The sign-up form, login and search box have been repositioned, along with a cleaner and “less busy” design. Perhaps it’s just me, but I think the redesign looks very similar to Facebook. Looking specifically at the positioning of the sign-up form and the login area in relation to Facebook – hmm, coincidence?

As you can see, the new homepage’s language is more focused on following your interests. With this new focus, it will enable users to find what they are looking for easier. For example, if you are looking for “bloggers”, previously your search resulted in Twitter handles including the word “bloggers”. Now, a search for “bloggers” will result in people established as bloggers who don’t necessarily have the word within their handle.

Twitter has been putting forth a lot of effort to improve their web interface. Do you find yourself using the website more often as opposed to using a Twitter client? Go ahead and leave your comment below.