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A rare taste of AMAZING Customer Service!


Unfortunately it is very rare to get great customer service. When is the last time you actually felt like you were treated with respect by a company?

I had a very pleasurable experience this week in the last place you’d expect it, my new dentist!

Good friends of ours were raving about boca raton cosmetic dentist Dr. Peter Blumenthal .

When I arrived Wednesday morning I was greeted by a warm, smiling receptionist who made light of the few short forms I would need to fill out. Within two minutes I was whisked into a clean friendly room for teeth cleaning. My hygenist Patti was understanding and funny, she made the time pass easily. Best of all there was a constant flow of laughter from the lobby. Staff shared a joke or a smile with patients and each other, and one staff member was very helpful with an older patient who need a bit of help to get to his appointment room.

They also used technology to improve their service. All of the staff used a small walkie talkie system to communicate with each other and it seemed to speed communications and efficiency. The offices were equipped with computers and two times they used animated computer demonstartions to explain what I was going through.

Then I met Dr. Blumenthal. He was a soft spoken gentleman who passionately walked me through a ‘lesson’ on how to brush and floss my teeth and care for my gums.

Most dentists today are agressively selling various teeth whitening methods, Dr. Blumenthal was very honest about the options for whitening, and he was very frank about the pros and cons of services they offered and inexpensive over-the-counter programs.

A big tip-of-the-hat to Dr. Blumenthal and the team at, 561-368-2674 who I highly recommend . Thank you for turning one of life’s less pleasurable experiences into a rare treat.

Jay Berkowitz