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A Smarter Google Search

May 16, 2012

Google wants to know what you mean. Did you search “tigers?” What kind of tigers? The Detroit Tigers? Bengal tigers? It’s a part of the new Google semantic search engine that they’ve just released. Now, if Google isn’t sure what you mean, be prepared for it to ask. Google is working on building more than just keyword entries; they’re trying to see the bigger picture of what it is that you’re searching for and how it relates to other relevant information on the web (which may also be provided when you search). Google is calling this nuanced (and smart) new search tech a “knowledge graph.”

The next big question: how will this affect SEO? With keywords at the heart of every optimization, it’s reasonable to expect that changes in the way searches are done will change the way results show. While Google has not yet addressed this topic, it’s fun to speculate. What do you think the effect will be?

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