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Act Now: The 4 Law Firm Marketing Mistakes Costing You Clients!

Olivia Bibbee

From the latest Google offerings to the intake calls you may be ignoring, here are the top four missteps that could be costing your firm big time. Because when it comes to staying ahead in the legal world, ignorance isn’t bliss—it’s business lost.


1. Missing Out on GoogleScreened – Local Service Ads (LSAs):

Google Screened has been available for lawyers for well over a year, and if your agency hasn’t secured approval for you, you may have missed out on hundreds of highly qualified leads. LSAs place your firm at the very top of Google search results, increasing your visibility and driving qualified leads. Unlike pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, LSAs follow a pay-per-lead model, ensuring you only pay when you receive qualified inquiries.

2. Neglecting Google Analytics 4 (GA4):

If you haven’t upgraded to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), your analytics (all of your website tracking and data) are at risk of becoming obsolete. Google turned off the old Universal Analytics and GA4 offers enhanced features and insights that can greatly benefit your law firm’s marketing efforts. Ensure your agency has implemented GA4 on your website to gain valuable data and make informed decisions based on accurate analytics.

If your agency hasn’t upgraded your Google Analytics platform to GA4, it’s time to find a new marketing partner. 

3. Lack of Tracking:

Tracking is the backbone of successful marketing campaigns. Ensure your agency has implemented comprehensive tracking for every phone call, interactive chat, and form fill on your website. Tracking data provides critical business insights, allowing you to evaluate the success of your marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaigns.

The first thing we do for each of our clients is ensure they have Google Analytics Goal tracking in place for every phone call, chat and form fill they receive. If your agency hasn’t done this for your business, you are making important business decisions without the right data.

4. Neglecting Intake Monitoring:

Your intake process plays a vital role in converting leads into clients. Failing to monitor and optimize your intake procedures can significantly impact your conversion rates – plus, you can risk being kicked out of the Local Service Ads program if your process is not optimal.

Take the time to listen to recorded calls, provide feedback to your intake department, and ensure calls are answered promptly (within 15 seconds) and handled with empathy. If your receptionist isn’t taking individualized care when answering calls, your intake is only going to be performing at 10 or 20 percent of its potential. You or your agency should monitor the performance of your intake team to maximize your chances of success.

If you don’t have a call tracking system in place, you can listen to the recorded calls taking place through the Local Service Ads platform. If you haven’t set this program up, refer to #2 above and give us a call! 


Avoiding these four marketing mistakes can greatly improve your law firm’s digital performance and increase your chances of attracting qualified leads. By leveraging Google Analytics 4, implementing LSAs, setting up comprehensive tracking, and improving your intake process, you’ll be better equipped to make strategic marketing decisions that drive tangible results.

Don’t let these mistakes hinder your firm’s growth. Stay proactive, adapt to the digital landscape, and partner with experts who understand the intricacies of law firm marketing… like Ten Golden Rules! Schedule a call with our team today to get started.