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Adding content to your website

August 10, 2007

I’d like to offer some information on one way to keep your site fresh with new content. One simple form of doing that is by writing press releases about your company and having them link back to your website. There are several ways “news” can be formulated to becoming press release material.

Here at Ten Golden Rules we think releases can be written from several different happenings. First, when there are any updates within your company, from new hires, to new business transactions or even grand openings is all considered news and could have a press release written and added to your website. It’s also relevant to your investors, clients, and prospects about what the company is doing and how they are growing.

Another great way to develop news is for the company to create a study or analysis regarding something going on within your industry. This information puts you out there as an industry leader.

All this information also links back to your website where readers can learn more about your company and all the great things you are doing. So keep on writing those releases and make sure they link back to your website!