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Advertising on iPads

April 5, 2010

With the recent release of Apple’s iPad, one may wonder how to ensure their pay per click ads will show on this device. Since it is indeed a mobile device, your pay per click campaigns must be set to run on mobile devices, rather just on desktop or laptop computers. In Google Adwords, this can be set in the “Settings” tab of each of your campaigns.

The current problem, however, is that if you are running ads on an iPad, you will also be running your ads on mobile phones. The issue with mobile phones is that since the screens are so small, pay per click ads are often clicked by mistake, therefore costing you money.

Google intends to resolve this issue, however, by including an option to run ads specifically on iPads, rather than all mobile devices. So for now, if you want your ads to show on an iPad, set your ads to display on “All mobile devices” in the Adwords settings. If you don’t want to take the risk of running ads on phones, however, you may want to wait until Google updates the settings.