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Adwords Editor 4.0 released


As the resident PPC Expert here at Ten Golden Rules, I find that most of my day is spent managing accounts. As such I spend a majority of that time using the Adwords Editor application, it is a vital tool in my arsenal of managing my many children (I just learned today that if you have an MCC each subaccount is a child).
As long as I have been using the tool, I have always said that the one option missing was the inability to create a custom date range, well with the latest release of version 4.0, you can now pick your own date range. Not only that, but it saves your five most recent date ranges. If you manage an Adwords Account you now have no excuse not to download and use this valuable tool. There are other valuable tools included in this new update, but none in my opinion are as important as this one.
Now if only Yahoo Search, and Microsoft Adcenter would step up and create a similar tool (I guess first they should work on having an easier user friendly interface).