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Adwords Editor 6.0, Microsoft AdCenter Desktop Beta, andNothing Yet for Yahoo Search Marketing


During SMX Advanced, Microsoft announced they were launching an AdCenter Desktop, a software application allows advertisers to create, optimize and manage online campaigns with Microsoft. Before this announcement, adverstisers managed their campaigns through a web interface which was slow and not very user friendly. Microsoft sees a fully functioning application not just an editor. If interested in signing up for the beta, there is an online form to fill out. Once I get a chance to play around in the new application, I will post a full review.

Also, this week Adwords Editor released Version 6.0 with improvements that make a great application even better. The first thing you notice is when you download fresh stats, the whole account uploads, not just the tab you are in. You can also do more with placement targeting and conversion optimizer. Another great tool is the ability to download a csv with performance results as well, which makes reporting a little bit easier. You can learn about all of the changes/upgrades here, I am still learning all of the new tricks and tools.

And finally Yahoo Search Marketing, still hasn’t done anything (other than Panama a while ago) to make managing PPC campaigns any easier.