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Affiliate Summit Brief Recap

January 24, 2007

As many of you have been reading the blog over the last couple days know Affiliate Summit just finished up. It was quite an eventful couple days filled with some exceptional speakers as well as those that were not so impressive. I thought one of the more interesting presentations was by Andy Rodriguez of Andy Rodriguez consulting and his presentation on Developing the Right Merchant Mindset. Andy provided some great tips on dealing with Affiliates and how their needs and wants are different from Merchants.

Also during the conference got a chance to meet a lot of interesting people who hopefully we will be able to keep in contact with and work with each other down the road. Going through my notes and numerous business cards some are a blur (it doesnt help that I was at the great affiliate party at Tryst and then out in Vegas afterwards or the fact I just got into the office after flying on the Redeye back to Ft. Lauderdale, but one gentleman definitely stands out, Tony Moskowitz of now if you could ony get a fellow Chicagoan a great deal on some tickets for the Super Bowl in 2 weeks that would be greatly appreciated.

We will have a much more complete wrapup on Affiliate Summit in the coming hours and days, but first off need to touch base with some more contacts from Affiliate Summit and then on some much needed rest.