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Affiliate Summit East 2007 Update


Well, day one is over for the Affiliate Summit 2007 in Miami, Florida. We had a very productive day, starting with booth set up, and Starbucks beverages with keynote speaker, Ze Frank, who took time out of a very busy week of consulting to present. His speech was a great start to the day, and although he was kind enough to come by our booth several times, we missed our opportunity to interview him for our podcast. Jay’s presentation went extraordinarily well, with people sitting in the aisles to attend his lecture on Web 2.0 and its potential for Affiliates. All eyes and ears were on Jay as he talked about GUS, Twitter, Second Life and more. We ended the evening with dinner at Barton Gs on South Beach where we saw New York Giants, Jeremy Shockey (pictured here with me) . For all you Giants fans, he promised a better year, and noted he’d even visited a “Voo Doo” practitioner to get prepared for the new season. Dinner was followed by a party at Mansion, sponsored by Moniker where we all danced and enjoyed ourselves till the wee hours. Tomorrow, it’s back to the booth. Stop by and say hi if you’re there.